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    Cool Itchy helmet while riding

    After a couple of hours riding, my wife starts suffering from uncomfortably itchy head/hair. We have tried a couple kinds of helmets (all full-face, but with different padding kinds) and different kinds of head wraps - the stretchy kind, a silk scarf, etc. Have not yet tried one of those sweat-wicking skull caps sold for other sports, but the problem does not seem to be sweaty / heat related; still happens riding in 50-degree F. weather. Any suggestions?
    James D. "Jim" Howard

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    I would (respectfully!) suggest she try a different shampoo, and different conditioner if she uses one.
    David Brick
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    I had this problem, helmet on and off. I use this jojoba oil (about a teaspoon) rubbed into my scalp twice a day. It has helped a lot as I have a very dry flaky scalp.
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    Itchy Scalp

    I would also think that a helmet with improved air flow would help. I suspect that her scalp is perspiring and there isn't enough cool air to draw away the moisture. I understand that the new Schuberth C3 Pro is like an industrial vacuum cleaner with all vents open.


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    I have a well used Shoei full face helmet that fits and has served me well. The liner is not removable to be washed. I have tried cleaning it several times and that helped a little.

    After a 6,000 mile trip in hot weather where the itch was driving me crazy, my daughter suggested trying Febreze Allergen Reducer spray. It worked better than I expected. I spray it after really hot rides or when the itch problem starts up again. I spray it when done riding and it is dry by morning.

    The allergen reducer version has a very light fragrance that goes away quickly. It it had a strong smell I simply would not use it.
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    Any local cop shop should have a spray-type cleaner/deodorizer/disinfectant intended for use on body armor. It works well for helmet interiors and has eliminated the itchiness for a couple of friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboRider View Post
    I had this problem, helmet on and off. I use this jojoba oil (about a teaspoon) rubbed into my scalp twice a day. It has helped a lot as I have a very dry flaky scalp.
    I tried the oil as a winter shampoo & it works. Health food stores have it.
    PG nailed it on the itch, IMO too. Mine will often itch after my traditionally short hair is just cut , as the helmet liner sort of pushes against the stubs of hair. Scratch it, as they say.
    I've got a tick bite that "enjoys" such attention right now!
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