First let me say I have researched the excellent trouble shooting guide for this, but I my issue isn't addressed. Let me give the scenario. The bike has 155kmi and has otherwise been running strong. One day I'm running errands around town. After parking and a quick stop, I mount up and attempt to start it. For the first time ever, it's reluctant to start. I smell gas. A visual inspection reveals nothing. Trying again, it fires up, and seems to run fine. My next stop is long enough to cool the bike down. When I attempt to re-fire it a couple hours later, it doesn't start and again the fuel smell. This time, I find fuel dripping, which I trace to the collector for the exhaust system, which it the lowest point!

After trailering the bike home, I pull the plugs, and raw fuel pours out of all of the cylinders! What now? Fuel pressure regulator? Fuel pump? Fuel injection wiring?

Any ideas are appreciated. The nearest dealer is a 250 mile round trip, and has the rep for replacing expensive parts until it runs (@$90/hr) but I'm not too willing to do that on a bike this old!

Thanks in advance.