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Thread: Oil Cooler screen need on R 1200 models?

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    Oil Cooler screen need on R 1200 models?

    Hi All,

    I have been contemplating the need for an oil cooler screen on the R1200 bikes, particularly the RT's. Has any one ever developed a puncture of the oil cooler by road debris, etc. while riding? If so, would an aftermarket screen have helped or did it help? What model R1200 (or R1100, 1150 even) was it? Off road or on?

    My guess is very few folks have had a problem.

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    Good guess.

    Do you have a screen in front of your car's radiator? Seems an equal need if there is a need.
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    An ounce (or 2) of prevention...

    There are a couple of good-sized dents in the screen on my wife's R1200R, and I actually have a dent in my R1200GS screen, even though that cooler is placed high up and back inside the beak. Same reason we have headlight guards on both bikes.

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    I've never had the problem on my RT (maybe because I'm usually leading, not following) but certainly others here have. I don't get one since you can farkle yourself to death. If I get a hole in mine, I have the tools to fix it anyway. (It is a low pressure system, not like a coolant radiator.)
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    oil cooler

    Got quite a few hail dents in mine last year riding thru a storm just north of Cheyenne, WY. I have a guard on it now and have ran it in traffic up to 105 degrees with no overheating issues. Looks pretty good too. Mine is a Wunderlich.
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    There is a huge difference in what it takes to bend a fin a little and and what it takes to actually hole a cooler. Folks who race cages can tell you about scooping buckets full of rocks and rubber out of the front after some time on track- and the screens on those are generally larger mesh that catch only big stuff
    Fins are easily straightened if they bother you by everything from knife blades to special tools made for the purpose. Bent fins won't have an appreciable effect on cooling unless you somehow succeed in hammering most of them over enough to block airflow.

    Best reason to buy a screen is that you like the appearance..

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