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Thread: Heidi tires:)

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    Heidi tires:)

    GSA1200 here and just added the Heidenau Tires that are 50/50 design for adventure and road use. Ya'll know the tire by now, its advertised everywhere. My first 2000 mile report. Just did some serious advanced offroading to Mount Tom Lookout, above my home in the Sierra's and this tire does it ALL great. Never slipped at all, biting the dirt so dang good I was amazed. Conditions were steep dirt byways, rutted badly all over the place from rains earlier, but now dry riding in powdery/soft dirt. I have NO bad things to say, except the tires are noisy compared to previous BS and Metzler 80/20 tires. Off course this, because the Heidenau tread is aggressive, almost knob like. These sing on pavement, but very subtle and not bothersome at all to me. Faster at speed dirt/gravel byways I got to 60mph and even the turns(40+mph) on gravel, these tires never once let go, holding the traction extremely well. Again, the above other more road type DS tires ALL were wiggly on gravel! Not so anymore for me. I heard the road manners on Heidenaus was slippy at times. Not so yet and I ride as aggressive as anybody can on pavement. I have no rain time this season or very little so far and cannot give that perspective on this new tire. I WILL buy this tire again and the cost scared me away for a year or so, but no more. From what I hear and read, I expect a lot of miles(10000+m) before needing to buy more. Randy

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    Randy- I had the dealer put these on my new 2012 GS before I took delivery a couple months ago. After 1500 miles of street and dirt, I am convinced it was the right decision. These things hook up great in the conditions you described. As far as road manners, I was keeping up with my fast riding buddies (on various GSA's and GS's with stock tires) pretty well on the paved routes, however I was always wondering if I was at the limit. It ain't a street tire but.....
    We rode into Kernville then through the mountains to Olancha then off into Death Valley to ride more trails there, and these tires performed better than I expected.
    I think you made a great choice!
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