Hello, and thank you to all the volunteers and staff that have been working on the website and getting things back in operation. I went through the happy dance and got my password working once again, but if I login at the home page or the forum page and then jump to the FM page I am asked to once again login. Not a big problem, but definitely an annoyance. Is this working as designed or do I have a problem with my browser or ?? It would be nice if transitions from one section of the site to another were seamless, as far as login info.

Also, while I appreciate having my personal info available on the FM page--for monitoring ads I may have placed, and so on-- that information sure takes up a lot of room at the top of the page. If that info were pushed into a sidebar, along with the FM section headings, it would allow the latest ads to be immediately visible instead of having to scroll around to view them (I'm usually working on a small-screen laptop). Anyway, just a suggestion.

Thanks again for all the work that's gone into the new site, when all the bits are shined up and working as planned I'm sure it will be great!