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Thread: Replacement Exhaust R100RT Question

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    Replacement Exhaust R100RT Question

    I have a 1979 R100RT and I have removed the exhaust, originally just to clean it up, but I noticed quite a bit of rust on the mufflers and the exhaust headers have had the rear cross pipe ports welded shut. I think this was done to accomodate installation of the Reynolds Ride-Off Center Stand, but not sure. I'm wondering how this affects performance? I noticed the mufflers also weigh a lot. Any replacement recommendations? I posted lots of pictures on my blog. Thanks!
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    J.C. Whitney has the Emgo exhausts for BMW airheads. Look is identical to OEM, easy installation and quiet. If you are looking to replace the headers I would try the internet auctions.

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    Not an issue, but just for information's sake:
    Some years of R100s had a "resonator" chamber ahead of the mufflers; it kinda looked like what became the catalytic converter on later models but was just another muffler. Going through it front-to-back on both sides with a half-inch drill, and setting the needles one step richer, sure made 'em run a lot better with very little increase in noise.
    A few of the automotive performance parts manufacturers have plots that show a second cross-over in the right place does provide a small performance increase.

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