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    Question Changing GPS

    As we age the old eyesight ain't what it use to be.
    Am changing from a Garmin II to a 7" screen but haven't decided what brand as yet. They are all cigar lighter plug ins. Since the Garmin was hard wired is it possible to just buy a connector and use the existing wiring or if not - any suggestions?

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    Doubtful. Notice the plug on your Garmin II has 4 pins. New ones will have smartphone flat plugs for the most part. I picked up a II not long ago and while it works, things have moved on a bit.

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    Your II is a 12 volt unit. Almost all new ones from Garmin at least operate on 5 volts which is USB voltage. You will need a power cord that reduces the 12v to 5v and has the right USB connector on the end to plug in to the unit. You will want the hardwire kit.
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