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Thread: Float pin replace or not to replace

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    Float pin replace or not to replace

    I'm rebuilding my carbs and purchased new floats, but not float pins. I'm beginning to think that was a mistake. The float pins have a about 13,000 miles on them, and I figured they'd be alright. However, they are a little discolored where the old float was, and I feel a little ridge or something on them. Not much, but a very slight amount. I was hoping to save a little $$ by not replacing them, but it now looks like I should now be replaced. The pins seem somewhat loose, so I'm wondering if I really need to replace them.

    In this case, I think I'm looking for advice, which is defined as I already know what the answer is, but don't like it.

    Edit: I'm not worried about the discoloration, but included it just in case. I gently removed the pin by pushing it out making sure the knurled end came out first. My real concern is that there is now a distinguishable ridge where the float would ride, and I'm wondering if the float could hang up on it. Looking back, I was a bit too brief in my description.
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