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Thread: g650gs Sertero What do you think?

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    g650gs Sertero What do you think?

    I sold my bumble be a few years back, just to hard to maneuver. I have an old Honda XL500 that weighs about 330 lbs. The Sertero I guess weighs about another 100. Honda has an NX700 that just came out, that looks pretty acceptable, and it is a 2 cylinder. But the price is more than I can get a 2012 Sertero with 4 miles on it from a friend. $8k for the Beemer.

    Honda will not let me test drive, I'm not sure if BMW still lets you test drive.

    Does anybody have any experience driving the different dual purpose bikes, and what do you think. I have heard that the Kawasaki and the Beemer are the top two. I don't like the 100lbs extra, as I am small myself, but could muscle the 400+ bike I guess. I survived the 91 R100GS Bumble Bee, but really did not get the enjoyment because it was a beast.

    I know I have been away for awhile, bad beemer experience with bike and dealers, don't know if the G650GS Sertero can bring me back.

    Thanks for your input.
    91 R100GS Bumblebee

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    Haven't ridden the Honda, but several friends have one. It is a very nice bike, but not as off- pavement worthy as the Sertao.

    The Honda has the better motor... it's under seat fuel filler makes packing sort of a pain, as you need to remove luggage to fill up.

    The Sertao can probably carry more stuff.

    The Honda is a better highway bike, if not overly fast.

    If you like adventure riding and camping the Sertao is probably the better choice.

    If you want a commuter or day tourer, that Honda will run forever with no problems.


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    Vision, please know that I'm not trying to bash you or pick on you, but your statment "that Honda will run forever with no problems" bothers me.
    Where does this line of thinking come from?

    It seems that this is a prevailing attitude toward Japanese cars & motorcycles here in America. You hear it said all the time.

    I own two Audi's (both purchased used) and have become pretty good friends with the Audi Tech at the local dealership. They also happen to sell Toyota, BMW and Lexus.
    We were discussing this very topic the other day, and he said "come on, lets take a walk". We walked over to the Toyota garage, and there were several large wooden bins located against
    a back wall. One was completely full of power steering racks. The next was about half full of heads. He informed me that these were parts that were replaced under warranty and were waiting for Toyota to collect them for credit. Then we walked to the Lexus side...same scenario with steering racks, and heater parts.

    Our opinion is that they are not anymore dependable than the majority of other cars currently manufactured. Possibly 10-20 years ago, they may have been.

    Do you feel this attitude toward Japanese products is still justified, or are they running on their laurels?

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    Well,guess what? I did test drive a Sertao and was not fond of it. I started looking around as my bike fever increased. I did test a DR650 and a KLR 650. I test drove a Husky TR650 Strada. I really liked the Strada, but it was too street. Husky made a more dual purpose Terra, but none in stock. They have a modified G650 engine/tranny and other BMW compatible parts.

    I ended up driving to California and buying a Terra. Have been totally pleased with this bike, smooth stable and fun.

    Bought it in May, LOL.
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    GSA1200 and KLR650:)

    My favorite bikes. The KLR650 is probably the most prominent, most value for the buck bike on the planet. Our '08KLR is all set up for touring and goes anywhere, although at a slower pace. 70 seems fast enough for most tour folks. I ride everywhere in NAmerica, been everywhere and no bike shows its fortitude more than the KLRs I see everywhere I go. Like ANTS, they are outselling all others! We are proud to own one alongside my ever so brilliant GSA and I can ride either in total confidence. Seems the famous Kaw. brand KLR has done really well for 25 years or more and still sells really WELL. Nobody should dismiss this bike when shopping. Touring accessories are easily found everywhere, by dozens of vendors, also making this KLR bike a positive experience when setting one up for long touring. Our '08 has been nothing but perfect and at 26000m., shows no signs of wearing out. Also, seen a half dozen KLKRs with way over 100000miles...NOW, my GSA ride is brilliant and I can still manage its BIG size, but would not hesitate owning another KLR someday if I cannot manage the GIANT GSA. One KLR is enough for now for this family and I enjoy seeing it sit alongside my GSA. Good luck, I also like the Sertao looks. Very neat. So many options, go shop well. Randy

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    I have run a 94 and a 05 1200 GS which I am still riding since 05. Very happy with both but this fall I bought a 2012 Suzuki DR 650 SE so I could go ADV riding where things get a little technical as I am far from being good with all this off road stuff. Feeling a bit stressed on some of those trails while on the big GS. So far I am happy with this bike with it's light weight, very nimble and good track record as far as reliability, but it is not the most comfy bike (narrow saddle).So I think that by having both the GS and the DR, I have the best of both worlds.
    Happy trails rob.

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