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Thread: Screw stuck in tank

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    Screw stuck in tank

    Hi all,was pulling fairing on my 2002 1150rs to install new battery
    one of the screws just turned was able to drill head off but screw
    stuck, seems to be a insert can you pull and install new one?

    thank you for any help

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    Wild guess: the right side, rear-most on the tank? You're not the first...

    The female threaded inserts are embedded in the plastic of the tank. The left-over piece of screw can be carefully easy-outed, but if you just "pull" it, the tank will likely be damaged. If you can actually get a grip on it, give it a try, turning and pulling Gently at the same time. If it spins, you may have to resort to EDM (electrical discharge machining, where the part is literally burned out by a controlled zap). I've never seen a successful replacement of the threaded insert, since the plastic is so soft and thin.

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