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Thread: Small internal tank hose purpose? (1987 K75C)

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    Small internal tank hose purpose? (1987 K75C)

    Can someone explain the purpose of the small, 6mm tube in the tank, which goes from the side of the strainer basket to a short aluminum line at the top of the tank, just behind the filler cap? It's #15 in the attached image, which doesn't show the top attachment point.

    As best I can tell, it exists only to suck fuel from behind the baffle or plate at the top rear of the tank, but it seems to me that a hole at the bottom of said baffle would do just as well.

    On my bike, the aluminum tube to which the hose connects has broken free. My first instinct is to just remove the hose entirely. It's not present at all on the earlier bikes, and I've ridden without it before. On the other hand, it must have some good reason to be there, right?

    Perhaps relatedly, I've had a recurrence of the power loss issue described in this thread, which appeared to have been fixed about 2500 miles ago: As I looked at the loose end of the hose waving around the tank this afternoon, it occurred to me that just maybe, under exactly the right circumstances, that hose could pull in an air bubble, that could be sucked into the fuel pump, which would cause something very much like I experienced.
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