.....qualify for a coveted "maritime moniker" !!! Something like... "Four Bowl" Bud or "No More" Bud... just as long as it's not "Last Bowl".....
always a sad time along the passive Larry's River homestead. About right now, the tour is finishing a hearty breakfast at the Clucking Hen
eatery, along the north shore of Lake Big Bra's d' Or. That will keep'em full as pass the perilous Wreck Cove on the Cabot Trail, toward the
Capstick "cut-off", and onto the precipice of Meat Cove! And in looking at the temp's & precipitation over Cape Breton.... the Chowder Hut
and it's penthouse deck overlooking Cape North & the Cabot Strait... better prepare for a "run" on hot chowder! Tonight's campfire on the
perch of land in front of the tents, will be welcomed as the cruise ships slide by out below...."wish ye were there ..eh"

Next year, consider joining the HexST'er & I for the journey. Always an adventure that Salty Fog; one should experience the "edge of earth"
gathering... not a finer location to enjoy a nip & good cigar....even if the "breeze" is up! ..

"Travel'n" John... aka "Three Bowl" in the Maritimes, vicinity of the 46th N parallel.