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Thread: Stick coils failures

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    Cool Stick coils failures

    I just finished a cross-country ride from Arizona to Florida on a 2006 R1200GS. The 2500 mile trip brought the total mileage on the bike to a little over 50K. The bike ran perfectly. However, after a week at home here in Florida, the bike suddenly began to run crappy (as if on one backfiring cylinder). Diagnosis: lower left stick coil. Only that one coil showed failure. However, it's replacement would not fix the problem. Only replacing all 4 coils would fix the problem. Perhaps CAN-BUS should be CAN'T-BUS.

    There appears to be numerous and numerous incidents of stick coil failures. There also appears to be a growing solution of "replace them all". Has anyone heard of better solutions, workarounds or apologies from Bmw with promises of free beer for life? Sorry, I guess I got on a rant.

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    Doesn't really qualify for a serious rant but a good start!

    This is the oilhead section though and your post belongs in the hexheads section. They know all about stick coils there. Here; not so much.
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    The sticks are the same (older ones on the 1150s are black instead of gray), and yeah we have the same issues.

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