My speedometer has started acting up, I hit around 45mph @ 4000 rpm and the needle starts to drop off to zero. It doesn't seem to be rpm related as I can tool along at 4000 revs in any gear with no problems, but once I hit 40-45 mph then it all goes pear shaped. I thought the sensor might be going out, as this has happened in the past. Normally just pulling it and cleaning the excess oil off fixes the problem, but it didn't work this time so I replaced the sensor.
Dang thing failed on me 15 miles after starting a "Bun burner 1500" this morning so I had to return home- I could have surived without a speed readout and relied on GPS but the sensor also feeds the odometer/trip meter so I'm stuck.
The wiring and connections appear to be okay, bike has around 125,000 miles on it.
as usual any help greatly appreciated,