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Thread: fuel pump failure?

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    fuel pump failure? VICTORY!!!

    Hi all-
    Just got back from a trek to Bob's BMW in Maryland. Had SS braided brake cables and bar-backs installed on my 1994 R1100RS--drove back and forth from east end of Long Island (about 600 miles)--when within 1/4 mile of my home, bike just stopped and would not restart--battery good, fuses good--cranks well but doesn't turn over--when turning switch on, I don't hear that familiar whirring sound of fuel pump bringing fuel line up to pressure--I'm assuming this is a fuel pump problem--bike has 40,000 miles--any other suggestions before I call Beemer Boneyard and others for a replacement? Thanks in advance for your input.


    PS--Bob's is very good--worth the trip--traffic in that area is unbelieveable!
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