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Thread: Metzler Z8 or Michelin Pilot 3's

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    Angel GT

    Here's an article on the Pirelli claiming the highest mileage:

    Pirelli Angel GT Sport Touring Tire ? Highest Mileage Guarantee

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    Sport Touring Tire reviews

    In this summary ranking, Michelin PR3's and Metzeler Z8 came in #1 and 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozonewanderer View Post
    Here's an article on the Pirelli claiming the highest mileage:

    Pirelli Angel GT Sport Touring Tire ? Highest Mileage Guarantee
    Hmm, certainly looks promising. I will have to keep my eye on these as they are settling into the market.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for all of the replies, my brain is telling me PR3's but I think I may be leaning towards the Z8's for some reason. maybe because the reviews Ive found are so over the top about them. I'll let you know what happens when I get to the dealership for the 6000 mile service and tire swap next week.

    Markforshee, I'm with you! I lost the front twice last season riding the Bridgestones and it was just pure luck the bike stayed upright both times. I just can't wait to get them off. I was talking to the counter person at the dealership and she told me she pulled hers off after the first 400 miles as the same thing was happening to her. I know some people say they have no problem with them and God Bless, but I'll be happy to get them off, swap them with anything else!

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    I've had the Z8s on my 2012 and with about 7200 miles I probably have another 1k before needing to replace them. I'll be replacing them with the Michelin PR3s, I've had them on another bike and I love the way they grip/handle. I don't have complaints about the Z8s but I think I'll enjoy the ride more on the Michelins.

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    I changed the front to Pilot 3. I had to replace the rear Z8 at 14,000 miles with a BS BT016 because that is all I could find in remote west Texas.

    Will report on the P3 life after their run.

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    Your millage may vary... For me it's the road surface and weather.

    Tried a set of Z8's last year and they were great in the dry, but lousy in the wet at end of life. (very thin in the center of the rear tire!)

    My communing road to work has a lot of tar and gravel surface that there is too much tar and it is slick as ice when wet.

    Tried PR3's for last winter's commute and I'm now sold on the sipes. Great traction in rain, slush and dry. Just bought a second set.
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    Just put another Z8 on my '07 RT and it also had Bridgestone Battlax's on it from new. I am glad my machine had Bridgestone's on it because it gave me a different tire to try and I haven't gotten Bridgestone's since. Only Metzeler Z8's for me, when it comes to riding in the rain you will be glad you have them on for sure.

    Incidently, I throw my tires away with tread on them because I would never ride a rag taking a chance on saving a few bucks.

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    Same Ol

    This is the problem I had wiht Z6 on my RT. The rear wears in the center and there are no wear bars there.

    This is the Z8 off my R1200R always kept at factory recommended pressure f 42 psi after 7100 miles.

    Yup that is secondary rubber.


    This time I put on PR3. Its been about 2,000 miles. The rear broke loose a couple times, just yesterday I dropped the pressure from 42 psi to 39 psi. What a difference! Now it feels like it should. I had PR3 on my R1100RT and loved them. Also on my Versys. Great tires.

    Before the pressure change I was thinking back to the Z8.
    I will know more by the time they wear out.


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