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Thread: Metzler Z8 or Michelin Pilot 3's

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    Metzler Z8 or Michelin Pilot 3's

    I'm going to be due for my 6000 mile service and was thinking about changing the stock Bridgestones at the same time, as I'm just not a fan. Researching tires, the Metzler and Michelins seem to be the best reviewed tires for the RT, and are the brands I've liked most in the past on other motorcycles.

    So what say you, quasi - esteemed forum members? What's your experience with these 2 so far? Wet, dry - handling, cupping, how are they working out for you?


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    I did 5,000 kms on the Z8s I had fitted right away on my 12 RT, getting rid of the Bridgestone 21 that were factory installed. They are great tires, wet ot dry, but then I changed them for the Michelin PR3s because I was a big fan of the PR2s before, I loved what I got. The PR3s kind of stick to the asphalt, they seem to glide over bumps and holes, like added suspension, they soften the ride incredibly, they tip easily into corners and keep their line like on rails. The grip is top in the dry, and they're phenomenal in the rain. After 13,000 kms, when I sold the RT, the front still had 50% left, and the rear 80% (according to my dealer.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammam View Post
    The PR3s kind of stick to the asphalt, they seem to glide over bumps and holes, like added suspension, they soften the ride incredibly, they tip easily into corners and keep their line like on rails.
    Is this for when comparing a new PR3 to an old Z8 or when comparing two brand new tires?
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    I have made up my mind that I'm putting on Pilot 3's at my 6K visit too. The BY 023's are coming off. At 3K miles on them I really don't have any complaints on the road or the one track day I went to. I just this from everything that I've read that the Pilot Road 3's are one of the better choices at this time.

    Please report back in on your choice and the results.

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    I can't comment on the Metzlers but I have the PR3's on my 1150R and they are excellent.
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    The Z8's came on my bike from the factory and they are far superior to any Bridgestone?s I have ever experienced. The dry performance is great and the tires have never given me cause for concern.

    Although I have ridden in the rain on numerous occasions, I haven't spent enough time in those conditions to determine the performance. I can say that there was no evidence that these tires would be problematic.

    I have 6200 miles on the tires and from their current condition I suspect I will get another 6k out of them, perhaps more. I keep pressures around 38 Front and 40 rear and would consider myself more of an aggressive rider i.e. rapid acceleration, aggressive through the turns, etc. I ride with a pillion maybe 5% of the time.

    I would not hesitate to buy these tires again though I will likely get the PR3's when I need new tires because of all the great things I have been hearing about them. If the PR3's are not available I will not wait if the Z8's are on the rack.

    Keep us posted.


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    8K miles so far on PR3s, only complaint is that they are a little noisy now. Better than the PR2s that came with the bike and great in the rain.
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    I went back to the Z8s after not getting the mileage out of the PR3s I thought I should. Got 8k out of the rear and at about 12k the front is about shot. I took the previous set of Z8s off at less than 10k because I was headed out on 4.5k trip and didn't think the Metzlers would go quite that far, although they still had a fair amount of tread left. Others on this forum get more mileage out of their PR3s than I did. I don't know how, but they do.
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