My good riding buddy & I will be leaving northern Michigan in the middle of this coming August to travel counter-clockwise on the 4 Corners ride (WA, S. CA, Key West, Maine) - probably about 11,000 to 12,000 miles total. We both are recently retired, in good health, sick of just talking about this ride, and will be on 2002 R1150RT bikes (it just happened that way). We expect to return toward the end of September with various stops to visit/mooch from relatives/friends.
We'll be starting west rather than east because we've heard the NW Cascade Hwy might have some snow if we went through there in later Sept/Oct. Riding in the early autumn should offer a lot of beauty & comfortable cruising. We'll be both carrying tents/sleeping bags/etc. for whatever camping pops up. Using hotels will happen depending on fatigue, availability, thickness of wallets, and so on. We've had a number of successful trips together, so riding philosophies are very in sync.

So . . . any advice, attractions, reflections, spots to hit or miss, routes specific to regions, words to the wise, visions in general? I've gotten a lot of feedback so far from a number of online blogs, tubes, etc.

I know many BMWMOA members have done parts or all of this ride. I've had the good opportunity to speak with a number of you out there & I Thank You all for your sharing, as I do now for any future threads.

Ride safe & often -