All three bikes seem to have issues (K1600 not out long enough to tell). Are the flying bricks built any better than the slant 4? Or is it that labor rates have gone up and the bikes have gotten more complicated?

I have an 07' GT and all recall work including cam chain guide etc has been done. 20k on the bike and just put new Pilot Road 2s on after two sets of Interacts. My chicken strips are less than an inch, but I'm not dragging my pegs and don't aspire to on the street and this is not a track bike. I'm in my late forties and 6 ft and ride enthusiastically and prefer the twisties to the slab. I like the GT as I can go out for an hour and enjoy twisties or take off for a day trip or multi-day jaunt or ride to work. It's no Speed Tripple, but it's quick and you can take your laptop to work without wearing a backpack.

Would a 03-04 GT or RS be a nice addition? Or would the K1600GT be a good change up? I'm a network engineer and while I have tools I will not likely be messing with whatever I ride and own much. I even leave routine maintenance to the shop. That being said a warranty is looking appealing, even though my bike is trouble free at the moment and paid for.

Any input would be appreciated. (And no I am not sure what I want to do. I could have worse problems.)