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Thread: Fabulous Ride report video

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    Fabulous Ride report video

    Take a look at this, not on a BMW but very entertaining

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    That was some ride. There is no doubt that he is a rider.
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    I always thought that all of the crazy people live in the United States? I was wrong? (l0l)

    That was good. That guy has quite a sense of humor!!!!

    Thanks for sharing,

    PS-Wow, that was cold!!!!

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    Fabulous Ride report video

    I only had time to watch the first video. WOW.
    When I bought my Beemer last year I had to sell my KLR due to not physical space in the garage. I do miss it.
    Guess it's not too cool to go out and work on the bike today.

    Thanks for posting. Amazing.

    mike wex
    '96 r1100rt

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    Fabulous Ride

    Wayyy cool videos - The rider not only has a great sense of humor & music to go with it, but is a master video applicator for having such "advanced" equipment - Well worth the time to see

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