The right side button to start the bike has always been fussy. Usually jiggling the button and moving it back and forth from left directional to right directional will get the starter to engage. This was the case last week when I went for two all day rides and several restarts while on the road.

Today the switch would not produce any starter activity no matter how I jiggled it as in the past. The directional lights worked normally.

I started the bike with the kickstarter and had a nice 80 mile ride, during which time the bike ran perfectly.

Back home I disassembled the right hand switch, polished the contacts, they were dirty, and reassembled the switch only dropping the small C clip a few times.

Trying the newly cleaned switch, the directionals worked as they had in the past and now I hear a very soft almost inaudible click just once each time I press the starter button. If that click was there before I didn't notice it. I'm not sure if it is coming from the headlight area or the engine area. I opened the headlight and nothing looked loose. I checked the fuses while there and they were both fine and clean.

The only thing that comes to mind is a starter relay because that relay went on my son's 95 R100RT but produced a loud clicking sound like a weak battery. That sound is different from my very soft sound. This is just a pure guess. My battery is fully charged.

Suggestions as to the problem and the solution would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob