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Thread: 06 R1200RT Catalytic Converter removal

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    Thank you all the discussion and yes having a replacement piece made would seem to be the most logical route to take.
    Most of the comments were appreciated with exception to the comment by sloride who feels the need to be pessemistic.
    Chuck Senn
    2006 R1200RT (Red)

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    "A catalytic converter is a vehicle emissions control device which converts toxic byproducts of combustion in the exhaust of an internal combustion engine to less toxic substances by way of catalysed chemical reactions. The specific reactions vary with the type of catalyst installed. Most present-day vehicles that run on gasoline are fitted with a ?three way? converter, so named because it converts the three main pollutants in automobile exhaust: carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen. The first two undergo catalytic combustion and the last is reduced back to nitrogen"

    I think if I started a thread titled " I'm tired of recycling oil and batteries ,I'll just put it in the trash" Many members would be outraged. I was pointing out that motorcyclists seem to less concerned and with modifying exhaust systems and creating more air pollution and sometimes noise pollution.

    Anyhow I apologize for upsetting anyone with my levity.
    Anthony S.
    2012 R1200GS

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