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Thread: Krauser bags

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    Krauser bags


    Does anyone have a tip on where to look for replacement Krauser bag hinges? One of mine has let go and I am sure the other 3 aren't far behind. It IS 15 years old so I guess it's about time.

    I have a 90 K75RT wiht the BMW bags on it. The hinges are 2 per bag plastic and about 4 inches long each. I figure the bags are long out of production and I just want to stay with the same bags.

    Thanks in advance

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    Need a Hinge?

    I bought mine for under ten bucks at a dealer. E-mail if you can't find 'em.

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    I bought mine from Bob's BMW, but your local dealer should be able to get them for you for about $4-6 per hinge. I bought two extras that I carried with me in case the hinges decided to fail in the middle of a trip.

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