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Thread: GPS Mount 2007 R1200R

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    GPS Mount 2007 R1200R

    Has anyone used a Wunderlich Integrated GPS Mount to mount a Garmin Zumo 350LM to their R1200RT?
    I'll also post this question in the Gear Forum.
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    Redcat - please read:

    I'm adding that info to your thread title in the hopes that someone with an RT will open the thread and reply. Right now - I'm the first reply which means people are simply passing it over without bothering to look at it.

    Please add that info yourself in future threads. The better your question is - the better the answer will be, but to get attention an informative thread title is a very good thing.

    BTW - "Cross-Posting" (posting the same query in multiple forums) is usually not considered the way to do things and is discouraged. It makes more sense to keep the question and replies all in one thread making it much easier for someone to locate the information later if they are searching for it.

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    Don, it appears you added the wrong model to the title.
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