Riding the '02 1150RT at 45 mph on the service road about to enter the interstate and my ABS locks up completely . From 45 to 0 in a very short distance and luckily I'm able to pull over right before the entrance ramp but I have to shut the engine off to get them to release. I try moving up a few feet and put on the brakes and it locks up again. To give you a brief overview of what led up to this...my ABS lights started flashing two weeks ago. I checked the pads and backs were paper thin. I went ahead and changed the front and back pads. The ABS lights went off and it worked fine for a day then the ABS lights start flashing and this time I have a teaspoon or two of brake fluid on the ground under the bike. It looks like it came out of a drain line??? I thought maybe I overfilled the system ( I only added fluid to the master cylinder on the handlebar - didn't touch the main servo unit). I pulled the plastics on but didn't see any leaks. I started it the next day and the ABS wasn't flashing and seemed to work right so that's when I took it out and had this incident happen. I live 2.5 hrs from the nearest dealership. I've read the horror stories about the replacement cost of these servo units. Does this sound like the unit is going out or just a minor issue with it?