Got my 2011 RT listed in cycle and craigslist. (baltimore)

Its been an "interesting" lesson in the fine art of internet weirdos, freaks and scammers, sprinkled in with a few legit LOCAL dudes, who low ball me of course.

Now i got a "nice" guy on the hook from CHICAGO...he wants the bike for my price, he even had a local bike guy come look at it who liked it too.

Now comes the matter of him actually getting the bike...He's got to have to get it shipped from Baltimore (he pays)...BUT obviously he's gotta pay me before the bike ships.

He wants to do is held by 3rd party until everyone is happy) i dont like it, reviews are not great, but i guess people use it. (for a fee about $200 he pays)...good news is he's not insisting on PAYPAL or Western Union

Just seems too complicated, simplest version is i want him to send me a $16K check, and when it clears he can have the bike.

BEST CASE: First one with a bag of cash wins bike!

He appears to be legit, but as you might expect, he has trust issues too!

This bike selling aint so easy.

Maybe i just answered my own questions... cash only and local

Any thoughts?

robert "never again" mc-biker