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Thread: Misssing fasteners

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    Misssing fasteners

    After 100,000 km four fasteners are missing? Two that hold the left side foot peg. and two that above that that that hold the left side fairing. Funny that they went missing all together at the same time, just after attending the rally. Tires were changed at the rally but not sure why those fasteners might have been touched, or was it something else?
    Strange coincidence?
    Have never found a loose fastener before..
    Joe Moore
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    Things do loosen up and fall off. I had 2 mounting bolts for the crash bar fall off at the same time during a trip in Central America. Taught me a lessen to check things every once in a while. Best bet is to replace the missing fasteners and check the bike for others that may have loosened. This also reminds me I noticed a right side molding fastener loose after last 6k service. Bike mechanics are human too.
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