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Thread: after market switch for seat heat R1200RT- late model

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    after market switch for seat heat R1200RT- late model

    I sold my stock seat pans with factory heat to a friend with a couple year older RT. Seat pans from a 2010 RT, friends bike is a 2007 RT. He does not have the handle bar seat heat switch. Question: is there an aftermarket switch we can use to get power to the driver's seat and do it so we don't fry the heater element. We are trying to avoid buying a new handle bar switch for over $500.

    Thanks for all help--in advance.

    Steve W
    Holland, MI

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    The switch has no bearing on whether you fry the heater element. The element itself is going to draw a given amount of amperage and that's that (on high). Low setting is another matter. It's likely that there is no resitor on the later CAN BUS bikes and that the computer varies duty cycle to control heat setting. You could wire the heaters so there was a series/parallel araingement where low was acheived by running both heaters in series thereby sharing the voltage and then high was acheived by both elemnts getting their own power and ground (parallel). Doing it this way would require a few relays and the passenger seat would be on low whenever the drivers seat was on low.
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