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Thread: BMW Husky Sale- Funky Reason??

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    This is very common here, in the U.S. All car manufacturers do that. They consider a car "sold" when it is shipped to their customer - the dealer. It has been "supplied". Why should BMW change their numbers if everybody else does it?
    In Germany, the number reported and the common yardstick for OEM's market share is "new vehicle registrations". A number supplied by the equivalent of the BMV. That is actually vehicles (or motorcycles) sold to users.
    Don't know if I'm right but for some reason "supplied" did not ring a bell for me. OEM's can and do discuss sales to dealers and sales to customers. "New vehicle registrations", "retail sales" and "wholesale sales" state specific results in specific areas. I'd have to reread the press release but to me supplied wasn't quite clear. If I recall none of the Japanese folks were using the word supplied but perhaps I'm wrong on that.

    If all the domestic car OEM's are using the word supplied I would agree with you. That would automatically make me wrong. I'll have to pay more attention in the future.

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    I would not want my BMW CV to have - Part of the team that did the Husqvarna purchase analysis/due diligence - on it. BMW saw a chance to pick up Husky from Castigliano and the Italian bank group for a very reasonable price but acted very quickly. The optimistic projections they made were not helped at all by the major decline in small capacity MC sales right after the deal, and the devastating decline in the Mediterranean country MC market that has gone on since.
    - I suspect they did not come even close to the parts problems they inherited when they purchased the brand.
    - BMW did a poor job of integrating Husky parts supply into their BMW system. This problem is compounded by some countries being controlled by independent importers and some by BMW AG (Canada and US are examples).
    - My guess is internal money issues played a compounding role as BMW AG management shifted from building a two brand MC program to WT_ do we do with Husky to stop the bleeding.

    BMW AG normally uses variations of the root terms Sold and Produced in its annual reports and press releases. Sold/Sales/Units sold/etc refer to motorcycles BMW has realized some sort of revenue on. This may be sales to national importers/dealers/ or end customers. Produced numbers will include all units (sold or built but still owned by BMW AG). The two numbers allow investors and analysts to make judgements about inventory management and value as they weigh the numbers in view of the stock price and dividends (real or potential).

    I am not certain which press release people are talking about that used the word ?supplied? so I can not speak directly to that. In the ones that I have read the term, while not defined specifically, had the implied meaning that investors and analysts would use to estimating BMW AG's exposure to legacy expenses and liabilities for warranties etc after the sale. Members may not like its use for their own reasons but in the press releases I have read it had a very understandable and appropriate use. Remember we are talking about the sale of a company and when the sellers duties end and the buyers begin. Sellers, buyers, investors, analysts and lawyers use a great deal of jargon that we don?t like when we are talking about on going businesses v selling a company.

    <500cc bikes, TVS and India
    I am far more interested in thinking about the sub 500c future for BMW as it partners with TVS and looks to going into the Indian market. Electric bikes are novelties here but in India they may represent part of the way for India to meet their global emission targets. In turn if volume is achieved there they may become more viable for production and delivery back to the EU or elsewhere. India represents a major sub 500cc market for ICE bikes in any category you want to slice and dice motorcycles into. For the same reasons I would love to know what they have planned for off road, dual sport and more importantly to me sport bikes in that sub 500cc range. They may be built for India and or Asian consumption and never be seen here but one can dream.
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    The word "supplied" in the context may have had it's roots in the translation from German to English. Consider that BMW is a foreign manufacturer and when they had a German press release that used the word "ausgeliefert" or "geliefert" to describe the transaction to the U.S., it may have been translated into "supplied".
    I work with corporate lingo German-English on a daily basis and it is sometimes amusing what terms are being used even in top-level communications. Translators are language people. They sometimes lack the knowledge about fine nuances of technical or business terms.

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