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This is very common here, in the U.S. All car manufacturers do that. They consider a car "sold" when it is shipped to their customer - the dealer. It has been "supplied". Why should BMW change their numbers if everybody else does it?
In Germany, the number reported and the common yardstick for OEM's market share is "new vehicle registrations". A number supplied by the equivalent of the BMV. That is actually vehicles (or motorcycles) sold to users.
Don't know if I'm right but for some reason "supplied" did not ring a bell for me. OEM's can and do discuss sales to dealers and sales to customers. "New vehicle registrations", "retail sales" and "wholesale sales" state specific results in specific areas. I'd have to reread the press release but to me supplied wasn't quite clear. If I recall none of the Japanese folks were using the word supplied but perhaps I'm wrong on that.

If all the domestic car OEM's are using the word supplied I would agree with you. That would automatically make me wrong. I'll have to pay more attention in the future.