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Thread: Is this how the "new" forum works?

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    Is this how the "new" forum works?

    When the forum came back I was already logged in on my iPad.

    Not so with my PC and I can't log in. I know my username and password but "new" software calls them invalid. Just in case the "forgot password" system doesn't work as it returns "page not found."

    I'm afraid to sign off on iPad to see if I can then sign on on PC, but it shouldn't be this way in any event.

    More work to do?
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    Try your member ID as your password.
    Then navigate to your email and password page and change that rascal!

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    Instructions were to use your member number for the initial login. Then use the settings feature to set it to something that you want.

    There are a few glitches that are being worked.
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    I did nothing - no new password, have same access as before.
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