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Thread: More clutch help 95 R1100RS

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    More clutch help 95 R1100RS

    I'm preparing to replace the clutch on my early 95 R11100RS. I've put together that I should replace the friction plate, clutch plate, diaphragm spring, and bolts and crush washers. However most kits also include a housing cover which by itself cost over $150. As a cover, I don't see why it should need replacement, but I've also read that the clutches changed in 97, so I want to make sure that my 95 cover will work with the new parts. Can anyone confirm this? I'd rather not find out in the middle of the job and be waiting for parts before I can finish.

    I know this is pretty specific to the year, and I think I also have the older cable actuated clutch making it even more rare. Hopefully someone here has experience with it.



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    The clutch "cover" is the other half of the pressure plate system. The part called the pressure plate is closest to the back of the engine. The friction plate is next and then the clutch cover. But the cover has the same contact are for the friction plate as does the pressure plate. And it wears the same way. If you don't replace the clutch cover, you won't get full life out of the friction plate. Just replace all the wear items fo the clutch set at the same time to insure you'll get 100,000 miles out the clutch job.
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    I like to think of it as a sandwich where the clutch friction disc is the meat. Without the cover, it would be open face.
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    Well that makes sense now. Thanks.

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