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Thread: '04 K12gt trouble with my side case

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    '04 K12gt trouble with my side case

    Maybe my fault but I don't think so but while riding this weekend I had my right side case come loose and rub against the rear tire. Seems the the front hook broke off.

    Has anyone had this happen? Also does anyone have an ingenious way to repair the case short of replacing it?


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    I think since there is damage to the mounting system as well as shell, I would look for a used inner side case and transfer your lock and outer case to it.

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    Damage looks rather extensive. I'd pass on repair attempts, and go with the above advise.
    There must be hardbags damaged in tipovers of slides down the road where the damages is limited to the outer lid. Buy one and use their inner lid to fix your bag.


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    Side Case

    I am sorry that happened to you. I have an 04 GT also. This happened to me some years ago. I didn't have the case on correctly while on a motorcycle camping trip. Wore a hole in one of my cases rubbing againts the tire. I am glad I caught it when I did. I must say the Michellin Pilot road rear tire sure held up though. I ended up replacing the inner case. Learned an expensive lesson from that one. Always check your luggage again before swinging a leg over.

    I have also replaced a luggage lock on a system case from mashing it with the handle one too many times. Man that was a task. Hope you get your stuff fixed real soon.


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