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Thread: Is this the dreaded death rattle?

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    1150 RT dreaded death rattle?

    Bike: '04 1150 RT with 80,000 miles. Well maintained.
    I thought an out-of-adjustment tappet was the cause of the increasingly loud "tapping" noise. So I reset 'em. The noise continued, especially on the right side. I'm satisfied that I've eliminated valve adjustment as the cause of the tapping noise. But, what?
    Here's a credible clue: With oil topped off, engine warm and idling (and 'tapping'), while straddling the bike, standing flat footed on the ground, if I lean it to the right, assuming I'm allowing oil to flow downward to the right cylinder, the clicking/tapping goes away.
    I have a hunch someone out there knows exactly the cause. My fingers are crossed that it's not a faulty oil pump....
    Thanks for your input!
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