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Thread: 2000 R1100RT Front wheel removal

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    2000 R1100RT Front wheel removal

    I've been a BMW owner since 79 but this is my first R1100RT. I am trying to get the front wheel off to replace the tire. Here's my problem...the manual says and shows to remove the front Brembo calipers......easy enough except that they will not clear the wheel. I have tried to manipulate both the wheel and the calipers but the pad edges won't clear. Surely the pads don't need removed before wheel clearance is enough. Any tips are welcome. Thanks

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    Yes I remember the first time I did mine. Grab the top of the brembo's and pullout then up, they will slide right off. Good luck..
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    I "rock" the caliper slightly against the disk to push the caliper pads back toward the caliper. This then gives the caliper a little bit more wiggle room to remove. It is a snug fit but will come out.


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    Thanks everyone, it is tight but it is now done.

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