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Thread: Looking for opinions on R50/2 exhaust systems

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    Looking for opinions on R50/2 exhaust systems

    I have a 1957 R50 that is overall very good condition. An exception to the very good condition is the exhaust system. What are your recommendations?
    Stock is very, very expensive as are some of the higher dollar stainless steel systems. Does anyone discount their stuff? Any suggestions concerning reasonably price systems or any system for that manner would greatly be appreciated.

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    I'm running stainless steel on mine and would replace it again with ss because they last and look great.


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    I know that stainless has a reputation for lasting a long time. That said....

    My stock chrome pipes lasted until they fell off the bike due to my own stupidity. (Finger tight is not the proper torque ) I replaced them with stock chrome pipes. Never an issue with rust. That may be partially due to the local environment (it's not all that humid in the SF bay area) and the fact that the bike is rarely, if ever, put away unless it had been brought up to full operation temperature the previous ride. If I did lots of short (< 10 miles) rides I could see a build up of moisture settling in the bottom of the mufflers, causing them to rust from the inside.

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    If it's Just the Mufflers

    I could swear I saw a /2 running mufflers that look like they were from a Honda CB350. Didn't look too out of place. You may have to fiddle with the rear mounting tab...

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    Bench Mark Works

    I ended up ordering a chrome set from Bench Mark Works.

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