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    Wheel mystery

    A friend of mine is in hospital right now after experiencing the rear wheel on his 98 RT coming off. There was no warning. Luckily he was only travelling at about 15mph so his injuries are minimal, if you can call cracked ribs and a collapsed lung minimal..

    He reports that when he picked the bike back up and examined the errant wheel, the little hub cap was still in place but 2 bolts and tapered spacers were lying in the space behind the hub cap and that the other 2 bolts and tapered spacers were still in place on the wheel. Looked like about the last 1/4 inch of thread in the hub is stripped.

    Has anyone ever experienced or even heard of this and does anyone have any explanation as to how this could happen with no warning.

    I would have expected wheel wobble of some kind well before total wheel separation.

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    Unfortunately this isn't the first time this has happened. Here's some other discussion about it.

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    I've seen a couple of instances over on Chromeheads site. If memory serves me, it was a cause of improper torqueing of the bolts. Not saying this was the case, here. In one case, the bike had been taken to a non-BMW shop and they just torqued the bolts on without knowledge of the pre-torque then final torque process.
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    I know of two instances of the rear wheel coming loose and coming off on R1100S's. it's imperative that the lug nuts be torqued to spec.

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    Not a mystery. A wise man once told me, "Wheel nuts don't come loose by themselves."

    Barring simultaneous catastrophic failure of more than one component, my best guess is that the wheel bolts/nuts/fasteners were not properly torqued.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1100S View Post
    , my best guess is that the wheel bolts/nuts/fasteners were not properly torqued.
    Maybe. But the rear wheel came loose on my 99RT on the way back from the Vermont rally several years ago. A good 1400 miles after the last time they were touched.
    I would think it should have shown faster if the bolts had not been properly torqued.

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