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Thread: Starting Problems K100 1985

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    Starting Problems K100 1985

    I'm building a k100 (1985-ash) from parts I bought on ebay, one piece at a time.
    It's all assembled but wont start. I have power to the green and yellow coil wires
    but none to the black/ red or black/ blue. These come from the Ignition Control Unit.
    I believe I have fuel. Should I replace the Hall Transmitter and ICU or can these be tested?

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    Dear RCHANDL (name?)

    Please read over: - I'm going to be adding this info to your thread title. I general, the better the question is - the better answers you'll get, but you have to induce people to open your thread, so this info helps.

    As far as tests? Not really any available except replacement. The ICU is rarely known to fail on these bikes, it's very close to bulletproof. If you can find someone else with a K100 they are pretty much interchangeable. The very early ones ('83/84 in Europe, and some very early '85's in the US) had problems with moisture infiltration, but that was addressed by BMW by replacing them - all of them in the series that failed. Very few made it to the US. I'd go through all the wiring/connectors and make certain everything is clean and snapped together. If that doesn't work - borrowing an ICU would be a good test. Probably not so easy to borrow a HES though.
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    That should get you going in the right direction.


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