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My wife and I ride two up year-round in the south-eastern US except in the hottest part of the summer; we live in Atlanta, where the heat comes with high humidity which usually makes day-long rides very uncomfortable.

Of those who have ridden Death Valley, has anyone been there this time of the year when the temps are already approaching 100?F? My boss lived in Arizona for many years and he says it will be comfortable on the bike as the air is very dry...

Please send your comments, ideas or warnings this way; I want to hear as many opinions as possible.
I have been through DV 10 or more times. At that time in my life I was in top condition and travelled hard, fast and light(fantastic memories). I would definitely plan my trips more carefully now but why worry. Cell phones and GPS make life much easier now. You are usually never more than 100 miles from someplace or another. I blew a fuse after midnight once and travelled 90 miles with no headlight beam. I finally stopped never finding a gas station or motel. I was alone and there were no lights anywhere. I remember being amazed. It was so dark. I wasn't properly prepared. Couldn't get to a campground, couldn't read my map (remember those).Went down a gravel road until I came across these kilns. I was lost and had missed the camp ground. The next morning I realized why. There was a green sign that said CAMP a table and barrel. I spent the night on the ground next to my 1976 R 90S. At 5 AM I woke up thinking a baby was crying. It was a jackass standing over me bellowing. He probably figured I was the jackass. And he was right. DV is a good place to be prepared for anything! You can run into anyone out there. But don't miss the trip because of fear. Just plan well and get ready to be awed. I guess I envy you and your wife. I am sure you will have a great trip and great memories and stories for future travelers. Best to you. JJ