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Thread: 95 1100 LT just quit while going down the road

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    95 1100 LT just quit while going down the road

    1995 K 1100Lt with less than 30,000 on the clock quit while I pulled up to a traffic light. I've tracked it down to fuel pump not running but the fuel pump is fine. Checked the wiring from the sending unit connector to the fuel pump and its good. Checked the kick stand switch and its harness and it is good. I've played musical relays with no luck either. do I need to start shopping around for a Motronic ECU so I can get out and enjoy ridding or am I missing something obvious. Its pretty much an unmolested and clean bike but it has sat most of its life.

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    I suspect the Hall Effect Sensor (HES) has failed.

    Do you have spark?

    Does the fuel pump come on once when the key is turned on?
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    It has spark


    The fuel pump does not run at all. Before I pulled the tank off and released the fuel pressure it would fire but quit like it was out of gas. I've checked and I get no voltage at the fuel pump and I just checked the feed to the fuel pump off the bottom of the fuel pump relay and I get no voltage when the key is turned on. The power lead to that relay has 13+ volts.

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    First place I looked

    #6 I believe, musical fuses and relays was part of my roadside fun. I get 13 + volts to the supply side of the fuel pump relay and that's where it ends.

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    Wait ... no voltage on the power side (or whatever you call it; not the coil side) of the fuel pump relay? Shouldn't that go straight to battery? (Through a fuse, I suppose.) That would be a bad relay, or wiring fault, no?

    If you're certain there's no power happening there, then that's it. Otherwise, I'd say have a look at the connector between the tank sending unit and bike wiring harness.

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