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Thread: Melted high beam connector on 2005 R1200gs, anybody else experiences this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by espressoforyou View Post
    ... I lost the use of my blinkers, horn, flashers, trip meter, heated hand grips and ABS(flashing brake failure), the rear brake light stayed on the whole time, along with the headlight out indicator light showing on the dash for several months. But after several months everything started working again except the ABS and the brake light. I replaced the micro switch on the handlebar for the brake and the brake light works fine now. 98% of the time my ABS(flashing brake failure light) and servos do NOT work but every now and then while riding the flashing brake failure light goes out and my ABS and servos work great until I turn the bike off. When I restart the bike the flashing brake light appears and the ABS and servos do not work..
    I also think you have several issues. First of all, if the dealership installed a high-wattage bulb they really did you no favor. That goes for pretty much any BMW; I have seen damaged wiring from high-wattage bulbs on many models going back to the K75.

    Moving on, it looks like most of that laundry list is run by the ZFE. It could be that you lost everything on the ZFE; I just can't see all of those things failing individually. If the ZFE goes offline, you will have a fault code for that. You might pull the tank and check the connector for the ZFE.

    The brakes are the only thing you list that is not on the ZFE, and you seemed to get results with the microswitch. I just diagnosed a bike with very similar symptoms; it could be that you still haven't gotten the position of that new switch exactly right. Again, your fault codes should give you some direction.

    If you are too far from a dealership, it might pay to buy a GS-911 or similar diagnostic tool. Fault codes would definitely be my starting point on this bike.
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    Thanks Anton

    I agree with you about the "laundry list" of items all going bad at the same time as being unlikely. Also the the laundry list items all started working again after several months. Everything except for the servos and ABS are working work all the time. And as I mentioned the ABS and servos come back on every now and then and work fine until I turn the bike off and restart it.

    Anton, as I mentioned in the earlier post the bike has been broken in half at least seven times to have engine output, counterbalance, and transmission input and output seals replaced. I am not sure if the wiring, connectors or grounds were damaged during any of the repairs. I have access to a GS-911 reader and will try to get a print out of the error codes.

    Once I replaced the front brake micro switch the rear brake light has been operating correctly.

    Paul and marchyman suggested that I check out all the grounds and connectors for corrosion and for being tight. Last summer I removed the tank and check the ZFE connector for corrosion and did not find any.

    My main riding buddy as a 2005 GS just like mine. We have talked about swapping out ZFE and seeing is I have the same problems. But we are not sure it the ZFE is programmed specifically for each bike. Would it be okay and useful to swap ZFE's to see if that corrected my problems?

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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    I might have some good news. but maybe not.

    I stopped my Autozone and picked up a new connector for my headlight connector that was "fried". Unfortunately the new connector that I picked up had the wires going straight back instead of at a 90 degrees angle like the BMW factory connector. Which meant that I could not screw on the the back cover for the headlight. So as a stop gap measure until I order the correct part I removed the "fried" plastic and was able to attach the wires directly to the back of the bulb. One of the wires looks a little burnt about 1 inch back from the connector but I was able to attach both wires So now my dashboard does not show an intermittent headlight out warning symbol and the the headlight and high beam worked fine on the way home.

    Now here is the weird part. On the way home the Brake Failure flashing warning light went out after 10 minutes of riding and my ABS and servos worked fine. Now this has happened before but not usually after riding only 10 minutes. So I pulled off the road and turned the bike off and then restarted it after letting all the dashboard warning lights "do there thing" before hitting the start button. When I started the bike the flashing brake failure light came on and stayed on. I drove it about 1/2 mile; and the brake failure light went out and the ABS and servos worked fine. So I turned the bike off by turning off the kill switch but not the key. When I restarted the bike this time the brake failure light did not appear and the brake worked fine. I rode for a mile and pulled off and turned the bike off and restarted it. This time the brake failure light reappeared and stayed on while riding the last 3 miles home and the ABS and servos did not work.

    So, after a temporarily "fixing" the headlight connector the ABS and servos seam to working a little better.

    UPDATE: I just got off of work and had to get home and ride the bike to see if the ABS and servos would work. I rode the bike about 10 miles and had the flashing brake failure light the whole time and no ABS or servos. Needless to say that I was disappointed that the brake failure light did not go out.

    But on the good side my headlight out warning light did not come on.

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    You must be the most patient person on this planet.

    Your bike seems to have had all the "standard" problems and many that have been previously unknown. By this time I think most of us would have dumped the bike on some unsuspecting buyer or parted out the darn thing. I wish I could give you a solution, or a perseverance award, but I can't, so I guess you'll have to settle for a hug, before you resume
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    Thanks Larry, I hug or even a new bike would be great.

    I am not sure if I have that much patience or if I am just hard headed. I am persistent and do not mind asking, and asking and asking to have something made right. Your right most owners would have just paid to have had the seals replaced or just ignored the minor leak until the parts and labor warranty ran out. A lot of BMW owners do not realize that there is a two year parts and labor warranty on dealer installed parts. I just keep track of the warranty period and drop the bike back off before the warranty runs out. I am getting a little tired of messing with it but I am not going to let BMW get away with this defective seal situation. On the current electrical issue I am just going to have to devote a weekend to taking the bike apart and look for broken or loose connections.

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    did you guys say you were putting dielectric grease on bulbs, and spade connectors?
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    I've never used it on bulbs. Perhaps I should. I have used it many times on spade connectors. It helps keep corrosion away.

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