Hi all, longtime airhead rider here but I'm happy to report I just got home from a 500 mile camping adventure aboard my just broken-in F800GS. A friend and I took a trip to Southern Oregon this weekend and I got the chance to see what it can do. I'm here to report that this is indeed a great bike! A true jack of all trades, I rode Interstate, twisty back-roads, gravel, and a little tiny bit of real dirt and the new steed made easy work of all of it! (Now the real task is learning how to ride dirt/off road so I can really take advantage of this machine's capabilities). I was most impressed but the handling and grip on tight-twisty pavement, my GS came shod with Metzeler Karoo knobbies but they stuck to the road like glue even fully leaned over! This bike is an absolute kick and I'm so glad I took the plunge and got a new BMW.

My complaints are few but I find the side-stand is really tricky on all but the flattest of ground and the fuel tank is a bit on the small side with mileage so far in the low-to-mid 40s fully loaded.