I have been working on my 04 RT for the last three weekends doing a lot of maintenance that has been long overdue, plus a surprise replacement of the left side throttle body, which was not in the plans (butterfly valve was broke). Removed and cleaned out fuel tank, new fuel filter, replaced O2 sensor, adjusted valves, new battery, replaced fluids, new plugs, and the scary-hell of trying to get a stuck K&N oil filter off ! (it has a smooth body, no ridges to work with and the nut almost stripped)

Today, the engine was finally running smoothly enough to take a test ride around the block...However...when I was slowly riding down the street, the ABS light was still flashing, it never set itself or went off. I'd squeeze the brakes, and no power to them. Stopped and depressed both brakes, noticed I wasn't hearing that "whizzing" sound? Turned motor off, left electrical on, still no whizzy sound as I depressed on the brakes, which is what I "used to hear" on this RT.

My friend and I started going over the bike, suspecting maybe something electrical got either disconnected or "broke". Checked fuses, relays, wiring under the tank, etc. Never found anything obviously wrong? Few more test starts of the bike, but ABS just keeps flashing away, but system never kicked in.

I do not know the full details of how this system works, but the current "guess" is that something is not allowing the "whizzer" motor to function? Perhaps it has seized up or other issue I'm not aware of?

This bike has not been ridden for almost a year now. It got parked around the end of May of last year and hasn't been run since. Part of the problems I have noticed while working on the RT were moisture accumulation/build-up issues. I live about 100 miles NW of Houston and its humid most of the year around here. Had signs of water in the oil, about a quart in the fuel tank and in the transmission fluid when I drained it the last two weekends.

I am wondering if moisture got built-up in the ABS unit and either siezed up the "wizzer" unit or other issues?

At this point, I really do not know what direction to go to next with this new problem?

Any input will be greatly appreciated.