I was out squashing bugs on my 90/6 today and went to see a friend who has a new GTL. He wanted me to ride it, I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I obliged him. My first impression is that this seems much higher quality and much more compact, and much less clunky than my ex Goldwing. It's ride is absolutely smooth, much like my GS. Handling is effortless. I felt like I was doing about 50 on a curvy road, when I looked down I was doing more than 70! This thing could really collect tickets.

Some folks say it isn't a touring bike like a Goldwing or an LT. I have owned both and I couldn't disagree more. If your idea of a touring bike is riding behind a barn door size windshield with your feet so forward you are forced to install a backrest to be comfortable, you might not like the GTL. If your idea of a great touring bike is one that rides ultra smooth, and that you can look over the windshield, and that doesn't require a backrest, this may be the ultimate tourer (except for my GS of course).

The only thing I saw that needs improving is the seat. It felt a little low and the seat was a little too narrow, but my butt is accustomed to Russel daylong saddles on my GS and /6.