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Thread: Profile data is mismatched to another user

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    Profile data is mismatched to another user

    I signed onto the new forum and discovered that my profile information is mismatched to someone with a user name of LHARDEE149152. My avatar, signature line, # of previous posts and all of my personal information are linked to this individual.

    I also cannot edit my profile to change the data.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Can any moderator investigate, please?


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    Bill -

    I did some investigation the other day. These two usernames are have the same email associated with them and are using the same IP address in North Carolina. It is possible that as the forum database was pulled over, there was some mismatching going on but I haven't heard of any specifics. No way for this to be confirmed unless a user mentions something.

    I will raise the issue with the office. I also suggest that you call the office for Jeff tomorrow morning and discuss it with him. There's nothing we can basically do on this end.
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