Usually I smell raw gasoline when I first start my engine. I don't smell anymore when I'm riding, or if I stop while the engine is warm, and restart, I don't smell. So, the only time I have noticed smell is when the engine is cold. Possibly related, or not, the other day I was getting ready to ride, started the engine, and remembered I left my sunglasses in the house. I put the k75 on the side stand and left the engine running. When I came back out - less than one minute later - I smelled gas very strong and saw gasoline pooling on the pavement. I turned the engine off, looked for a problem, but saw none immediately. I could not determine where the leak was, but there was fresh, wet gasoline behind the throttle body at the aft end. I restarted the engine on the center stand, and did not see a leak so I went for a ride with no issues. Also, related or not, I have noticed my gasoline mileage is not as good as it once was. My mileage is down around 40 to 43, but it use to be 50 to 52.

I have spent several hours today looking for a leak and cannot find one. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I hate to put back together without finding the problem, if there is one. Thanks for any thoughts.