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Thread: 2013 Thumper Trips - What do you have planned?

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    2013 Thumper Trips - What do you have planned?

    Hello Everyone! I am back to riding after some years away from the sport. I am looking at doing some longer rides this year and this got me to wondering what everyone else was up to. So what are your trip plans for this year?

    I am thinking about circumnavigating all of the finger lakes this year. How about you?

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    Leaving Calgary and heading up to Yellowknife the first week in June then coming down the Liard trail to Ft. Nelson into the interior of B.C. then going to the National Rally in Salem then over to Colorado Springs to visit friends and then back home to Calgary. This should put the F over 100000kms.

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    Liard Trail

    Did the Liard trail north/east bound in 2010. Great ride. Didn't see any signs of human habitation for hours on end except the gravel road. The character of the road changes without warning, so don't make my mistake of running too fast on the hardpack then suddenly finding yourself in 6 inches of new gravel - yee haw ! Camped on the side of the road in one of the little water re-supply turnouts, packed up and pulled back onto the road next morning and found myself 10 meters away from mama bear and 3 cubs. Another yee-haw. Fortunately she must have already had breakfast and was in a good mood. Lots of Bison as well. Have a great ride - carry plenty of fuel.
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    In June, I'll be riding the roads less traveled between South Central PA and Durbin WV on my way to the Chain Gang's Hoot in the Holler 8.0. With any luck, I can turn the 5.5 hour trip into 10 or 12 hours.

    Then in August, I'll be doing the same between home and Clarion PA for the Northeast Jailbreak. There's a whole lot of dotted line roads in the center of the state that are begging to be explored. And I need to scout out Punxsutawney since I'll be taking my wife there for her 50th birthday this February.

    Two more years until the Alaska trip!
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    Summer loop to the rally

    I plan on taking the long way around to hit the Salem Rally this summer. From CA east to NV, UT. North to MT and ID. West to WA. South to OR then back home to CA. All this on my G650GS Serato. That's right. I am leaving the big boy (R1200RT) at home for this trip.
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    Taking my '02 F650GS Dakar to the Georgia Mountain Rally this weekend. I'm not sure how much riding I'll get done as I'll be volunteering a lot but hope to enjoy some of the local forest trails. Considering other adventures but not sure if I'll be using to for the National- that's a long haul each way and i'll probably use the k bike for comfort.
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    Memorial weekend ride

    We plan on riding from our corner in NW IA to SE MN and then on to Oshkosh WI, riding the river road and exploring WI as we have not been through that area before. Just a short trip so far, nothing much else planned at this point.

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    Nothing happens, we plan to take our 2 2012 G650GSs from Illinois to Salem Oregon for the BMW MOA Rally and maybe a few shorter trips in between. They will be a year old the end of July and I have 13,000 miles on mine and my wife has 8500 miles on hers.

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