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Thread: Motorcycle Covers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmo1131 View Post
    Okay.... what size are you all using? Medium? Large? No windshield, but with Krausers; 30" overall width, (my bar ends fold up), 88" overall length (including luggage rack).

    Any personal experience with this? I'm trying to avoid the expense of a return.

    Leaning toward the DOWCO Ultralite+

    Please give make and model of bike.

    Keep in mind the Ultralite series is primarily an indoor cover. You need a Weatherall Plus for parking outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmo1131 View Post
    Leaning toward the DOWCO Ultralite+
    I have a DOWCO indoor cover that I bought back in 1993...I still have it and it is still like new. Good quality! Same goes for their helmet bags that I also bought from them.

    You never mentioned indoor - outdoor - packability important?

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    My scooter lives in my business shop, but it occasionally winds up in the driveway overnight; we live less than a mile from the Pacific ocean and the salt comes in on the fog some nights and really takes it's toll. Also looking for over night protection on road trips; countable on one hand a year. Pack size... prolly not a big issue. Besides my Krausers I have a big tank bag and a pretty good size tail bag. And I ride solo.

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    At 45$, a nice cover equals all the 100$ plus ones I've ever owned. I don't care where they are made! Even Germany shops China....My second bike KLR650 has WalMart cover for about 5 years now, not a wear mark on it. It was 19$, wow. Shop wise my friends, as you do NOT have to spend a lot of bucks for a cover!!! Silver is MUCH better too, as all my past black covers have been TOO HOT on a Summer day at any rally. Silver reflects SOOOOO much better, stays cooler. Hard to find silver ones??? Randy

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    I got one from Advanced Auto Parts 5 years ago and it has been great value at less than $30. I give it a spray with reproofer every year and it does the job admirably. Even packs down to a reasonable size
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    Half-cover for me this time.

    I used a full size Dow cover for about 20 years on my old RT. It got so old the elastic around the bottom gave out and the thing delaminated and stunk horribly at the end. I can't complain except it was pretty big to pack and sort of a pain to put on. On my new RT I went with a Nelson-Rigg Half-cover in silver. It seems to be high quality, packs smaller, is much easier to put on, and silver does run cooler. It does a fine job at the motel or parking lot against rain or prying eyes and at about $50 is half the cost of the full size covers.
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