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Thread: New Exhaust for 05 r1200rt

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    New Exhaust for 05 r1200rt

    I'm considering replacing the exhaust on my 05 RT. Wondering if there are issues in replacing the pipes all the way using a new system that eliminates the CAT?

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    On my 09 there have been no issues with a Remus header and remus slip on (insert removed) plus UNI filter. I also put in a booster plug for slight fuel enrichment

    Pro's : greatly increased throttle response, better 1st gear performance, it helps to reset your adaptives with a GS911 after install, bike drives much better around town you will be amazed by the change in responsiveness. The change is not about a few HP, it's all about the better engine responsiveness.

    Con's) : yup it's louder, not obnoxiously loud but louder especially for a following bike, this is the trade off, also you will get some popping under no load deceleration, resetting the adaptives helps this greatly, but does not eliminate it.


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    My Rt came with full Remus pipes and Hexacone exhaust. The exhaust was too loud for me. I took off the Hexacone slip on,but kept the cat remus pipes and cat eliminator and added the stock exhaust. It was a good compromise. More responsive than stock but almost as quiet.

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    I also have the Remus exhaust + Hexacone Silencer. Eliminated the OEM setup altogether. Am VERY happy with the installation (super easy) and it looks and sounds great. The few extra HP is icing on the cake.

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