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Thread: Lack of Info

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    Lack of Info

    I may be dumber than the average guy here, because it took me a long time and going through three different password changes to find out I had to log in AGAIN for the Forum AFTER I log in to the web-site.
    I would have been great if someone would have made that clear in some kind of instruction.....
    You come to the web-site, you log in, like you did before, you go to the forum - you are a guest only. You go back on the Home tab, it shows you are logged in... you click on the Forum tab, you are not... a little confusing for the common man.

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    If you're dumber than most, I'm right there with you.

    Took me lots of tries before I finally figured it out.

    Here's to us
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    Sorry, it's been confusing, but it does seem to show pretty quickly that you need to log into each separately. Did you notice the information at the top of the forum page when you arrive as a guest? It says:

    "Welcome Guest! If you are already a member of the BMW MOA, please log in to the forum in the upper right hand corner of this page. Check "Remember Me?" if you wish to stay logged in."

    Hopefully that would be something of a first clue that everyone needs to log in to the forum again(!) and then stay logged in from then on.

    But, we're glad you're here now!!
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